The Academic Culture Centre “ALTERNATOR”

The Academic Culture Centre “ALTERNATOR”  was founded in 1981 in order to activate academic culture, inspire the cultural and educational activity of students, to give them organisational aid in this task and to promote the positive image of the University of Gdansk in Poland and abroad through varied artistic and cultural events. The Academic Culture Centre of the University of Gdansk organises concerts, shows, happenings, film projections, writers’ evenings, varnishing days, promotions and meetings connected with cultural life. The Centre co-operates in this undertaking with all the cultural institutions of the Pomeranian region. It organises many competitions aimed at discovering and promoting talent in Poland and abroad; these include the UG Literary Competition, the UG Poetry Competition and a photo-competition “As in a dream…”. Sections of the Centre include the excellent Academic Choir of the University of Gdansk, which regularly wins the highest awards in international competitions, the Jantar Song and Dance ensemble, which successfully promotes the regional culture of Pomerania in Poland and abroad, the “Miłość Blondynki” Film Discussion Club, which organises regular screenings of the best films and meetings with film artists, the UG Literary Club, which concerns itself with literary activity in the broadest sense, the UG Student Photographic Agency, which runs courses and workshops in photography, organises exhibitions and displays its own unique photographs in Poland and abroad.


In 2009 for the first time the Centre has welcomed two EVS volunteers who are extending the Centre’s activities to Erasmus students and an English speaking public in general. Since autumn 2009 the EVS project has grown to four participants. The volunteers’ weblog and the English pages of this website report in English and from first-hand experience about the activities of the Centre and announce the English-language activities that will take place at the university.

Director Michał Biełuszko


Director of The Academic Culture Centre



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