Enna-Matilda – I’m a drama teacher and improviser who loves to travel in order to learn more about improvisation and widen my perspective about life and  erforming arts. I’m also an elementary school teacher and a craft teacher working currently with 5th graders as well as teaching improv at The improvAcademy in Tampere Finland. I perform with three improvisation groups: ITU improv,
Kipinäteatteri and The improvAcademy Ensemle. At the moment I’m fascinated  bout contact and emotions in improv: how to make performing even more  elightful through being present and taking risks on stage. Besides improv I do  ask theatre and love writing.


Prowadzący 1. Impro Import – Gdańsk 2017 – Weekend Międzynarodowych Warsztatów Impro

Gdańsk 25-16 lutego 2017. Link do wydarzenia.

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