Film Discussion Club

Film Discussion Club UG “The Loves of a Blonde” , operate under the auspices of the University of Gdansk since 1994.

We invite all enthusiasts and all fanciers of the cinema’s magic, who are not satisfied with contact to movies only from the movie theatre’s chair and who long for deeply immersing themselves into the field of cinema. If your fantasy makes you prepare an own film collection and present it to the audience, then come to us and participate in the organisation of film screenings within the scope of an internship. Only at DKF „Miłość Blondynki” you can talk about your favourite movies, you can discuss them in a circle of adepts and enthusiasts of sophisticated cinema. DKF is open and willing for lots of new topics, we don’t fear challenges and controversial movies.

If you are interested in a journey with a magic vehicle, then we invite you to book the tickets.

Tomasz Pupacz
chairman of DKF UG „Miłość Blondynki”

phone (058) 523 24 50 // fax (058) 523 23 00

ul. Wita Stwosza 58, room 109
80-952 Gdańsk

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