Laura Doorneweerd

Laura Doorneweerd is an Amsterdam-based trainer and performer, who works in the fields of improvisation, theatre, and dance. She is part of 3 Dutch improvisation groups performing in the areas of theatresport, longform, and impro for children. She also is a founding member of the Ohana project.
Laura has been teaching for 18 years, including 8 years in her own theatre school. Furthermore she has been organizing courses and school projects in theatre, circus, dance, and movement. Currently she works as an independent trainer and performer in The Netherlands, Europe and North America.
Laura loves biking, traveling, cats, pancakes, making lists, taking leaps, staying up late and sleeping in. Also, her last name is a castle. True story.

Prowadzący 1. Impro Import – Gdańsk 2017 – Weekend Międzynarodowych Warsztatów Impro

Gdańsk 25-16 lutego 2017. Link do wydarzenia.

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