Markus Kaustell (Finland)

Markus had his first experience on stage at the age of 13, and since then hasn’t left the stage empty. He started doing improv in 2010 and after that he’s been actively performing and training for the last 6 years. Back in 2010 he also founded his own private company for performing arts. Professional performing was a natural element from the very beginning as he first joined an actively performing ensemble. As an entrepreneur he’s been performing in various venues stretching from intimate living room ballads to festival main stages.

He worked as a drama teacher for two years for 8-9th graders between 2010-2012. After that Markus moved to do special education and applied improv training. Now he trains theatre improv in different groups and coaches improvisation workshops for varying types of organizations, nationally and internationally. Markus’ approach to improv is to have an active presence and  respect while still making bold choices and having fun! Organic, ensemble-centered discovery over egos playing clever!

Prowadzący 1. Impro Import – Gdańsk 2017 – Weekend Międzynarodowych Warsztatów Impro

Gdańsk 25-16 lutego 2017. Link do wydarzenia.

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