The Cultural Collective

The Cultural Collective is a group of young, dynamic and ambitious students. We don’t like boredom and we don’t like routine. That’s why we are looking for new challenges and experiences. We organise whorkshops (video, silk screening, linux), music festivals („Wolne” Miasto Gdańsk, Muzyka Końca Świata), film and speech projects (Tak wygląda nasz świat, Prawa Człowieka, czy Prawa Zwierząt) and events like Festiwal Ognia Kupała’rt and the Trójmiejskie Spotkania Komiksowe (The Tricity Comic Meeting). Within the scope of Rowerowz Uniwersytet Gdański (Bike University of Gdańsk) we coordinate the installation of professional bicycle stands. And finally we support the Open Source Movement, especially Linus, as an alternative to Windows systems. If you want to work with us – just visit us!


Tomasz „Dziemian” Dziemianczuk

Head of Cultural Collective UG



Office: ul. Wita Stwosza 58, room 109, 80-952 Gdańsk


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