The Teapot Club@Teatr w Oknie

A storm in a teacup – two one-act teatime treats to tease you at TwO.

A.A. MILNE’s The Man in the Bowler Hat

From the writer of Winnie-the-Pooh’s, an invitation to step into the hum-drum world of John and Mary on an evening when it suddenly is brought to a halt – with the help of a hero & heroine, a Chief Villain and of course, a Very Bad Man – and quite a few hat-boxes.
A splendid way to get to know London’s railway stations.

FERENC MOLNAR’s A Matter of Husbands

Suspect your partner of not being honest with you? Learn a lesson in how to ride this emotional storm.

SUNDAY 19th JUNE at 6pm

Teatr w Oknie (ul. Długa 50/51, Gdańsk)

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